I LOVE props. I used to think that using props meant I wasn't enough. I wasn't flexible enough, I wasn't strong enough. I thought if I was using props then I wasn't ready to practice yoga. But I was so wrong and it took me a decade to figure that out. 

Yoga meets you where you ARE. And props help meet you where you are. So by that logic, I see props as the epitome of yoga. 

With that in mind, I use props in all of my videos, and in my own daily practice. If you have access to some of the props below that is great. If not, don't worry! I use items from around my house to demonstrate some excellent alternatives. 


Depending on how you practice, a yoga mat might be something you will want to practice on. Here’s the yoga mat I have. If you don’t have a yoga mat, that’s ok! Practicing on the floor works just as well, just make sure you’re not wearing socks on a slippery surface. The perk to a yoga mat is its grip, so if stability is something you are trying to work on, I recommend a mat for the added level of security they can provide.


For my yogis that are practicing stability and balance, a chair is a wonderful prop. Whether you’re practicing seated in a chair the whole time or using it as a support, make sure your chair is sturdy. A chair that isn’t too padded or cushioned and doesn’t wobble or swivel is what we’re looking for. A chair with arms or no arms is up to you. Armed chairs can provide a feeling a safety and support for those working on core strength and stability. Chairs without arms can offer more space to move. So it’s up to you to decide what you need most in your practice and select the best tool for you. You can even bring two chairs! One to sit in, and one to use as a prop.


Yoga can be practiced in a bed if a chair or a mat aren't your thing (my mat video series can be practiced from a bed!). If you're practicing in a bed, make a few pillows accessible, as well as a strap, and a block like object. 


My favorite prop. I like to have two blocks next to my mat at all times. Here are some blocks that I use. Or as I demonstrate in my videos, you can use books that you have around the house. You can also use a step stool like the ones used in kitchens and bathrooms. 


Straps are very helpful in helping a pose stay safe. Here is a link to one that I use, or you can use a belt or a resistance band.


Bolsters are my other favorite prop. I always have one, and sometimes two stacked next to my mat, especially if I’m practicing yin yoga. Here’s a link to one option for a bolster, but as always, stuff around your house will do just fine. I like to use my two big couch pillows, and a soft throw pillow. The firmer ones are great for supporting muscles in longer poses, and the softer ones are helpful for getting a pose just right for my level. Play around with some of your pillows and see what feels most comfortable for you.


Last but not least, blankets. These can just be pulled from your linen closet. I like to use a thicker wool blanket that’s a little heavier compared to a soft fluffy blanket. The reason for this is that I love placing a blanket across my hips in Savasana and that weight can down regulate my nervous system (which I need quite regularly). r own text and edit me. It's easy.