Liv Wilson

Yoga for everybody and every body

I am a certified trauma informed yoga teacher (EYTT-200, AYT) with a mission to bring yoga to everyone, whether or not you can practice in a studio, and whether you practice movement standing up, sitting down, or anywhere in between. 

My first experience with yoga was in a P.E. elective I took during my sophomore year of high school. I was fortunate to attend a high school that even offered the class and mostly enjoyed it because I got to take “naps” instead of running the dreaded mile. What I didn’t realize then was that the decision to take yoga instead of the general P.E. class would lead me to my yoga certification over ten years later. 

I moved from Washington, D.C. to Southern California a few years ago and it was a challenging adjustment. I moved across the country and found myself without friends, family, or community. I know it was a great decision, but who said great decisions are always easy?? Diving back into my yoga practice and earning my yoga teacher certification brought the joy and community that had been hard to find since my move. 

My teaching style is unique in that I focus on the accessibility of a pose, and how poses look different in every body. We are all unique and yoga should reflect that. ​I post yoga videos online every Monday and every week I post a standing yoga flow, a chair yoga flow, and a mat/bed yoga flow.

Learn more about my mission here.