Getting Started

Setting up for an accessible yoga practice

Whether you're new to yoga or you have been practicing yoga for years, I'll outline how my website works and how to get set up to start your yoga practice at home. 


How does this website work?

I have a library of online yoga classes that are available at any time and can be practiced anywhere. These videos can be found in my video library. To access my video library, click the "Videos" button in the menu bar, or click this link here. 

Which videos should I watch?

It depends on what type of class you're looking for. I offer a new sequence each week for different types of mobility. If you are comfortable standing and moving around dynamically, bending forward, moving from the ground to a standing position, and other similar types of movement, then the Standing Yoga Series might be for you. 

If movement while sitting in a chair is what you are looking for then, the Chair Yoga Series might be a good option. The chair yoga classes are taught entirely seated. I don't move up out of the chair, so expect to stay seated throughout the class. 

I also offer a Mat Yoga Series as an option to practice yoga while reclined. You can take these classes on a mat on the ground, or in a bed. 

Do I need anything special to do yoga at home?

Yes and no. I recommend using props throughout your yoga classes to provide stability and support in your poses. I recommend props to students that are new to yoga and have been going to yoga classes for years. Props are for everybody. 

Here is a link to the props I use in my classes with explanations to why I use each of them. 

So yes, I do reccomend having a few items to help your practice. But, you don't have to buy all new tools and equipment. You may have most things around your house already. If you're practicing a standing series, I do recommend a mat so to provide stability. 

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