Welcome to Liv Wilson Yoga

Accessible Yoga for Everybody and Every Body

I am committed to providing accessible yoga to as many people as possible. 

No yoga studio, no special equipment, and no prior experience required.

All you need is your breath and your body. 

A Bit About Me

My name is Olivia but my friends call me Liv, so you can call me Liv too.  So how did I end up teaching accessible yoga? I spent a long time trying on a lot of different hats, hoping one of them would fit. I have a bachelors degree in global studies and a masters degree in European politics and policies. I lived in Italy and Belgium where I learned to speak different languages and loved it. Then I spent a few years working in Washington, D.C. as an executive assistant at a number of organizations and was looking for something more.

All I ever hoped to do was to serve others and I thought that politics would let me do that. I worked with some great people, but I felt disconnected from the communities I was trying to serve. 

My mom was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease several years ago, and since then I have watched her mobility deteriorate. I have been practicing yoga since I was in high school, and every thought I had in class was, I wish I could share this with my mom in a way that worked for her. And that is how Liv Wilson Yoga came to be. 

As soon as I became certified to teach yoga, I made it my mission to provide accessible yoga classes to the wider community. With online chair yoga videos, mat yoga videos, and standing yoga videos, you can practice yoga wherever you are.

Picture of Liv smiling with sunglasses in the desert.

What is accessible yoga?

Accessible yoga is yoga that anybody and everybody can do.

It means having a variety of options to choose from in your classes so that you can do yoga no matter what movement looks like in your body.

It means teaching with language that is inclusive of all backgrounds, body types, and experiences. It means including props in your practice to improve your experience.

It means so many things.


To me, teaching accessible yoga means working hard and doing everything in my power to eliminate boundaries that prevent people from benefiting from yoga. You can read more about what accessible yoga is in my blog post here. 


My standing sequences offer an accessible yoga practice with plenty of choices and plenty of props so that your yoga practice fits you and your needs. 


My chair yoga sequences offer an accessible yoga practice that can be done entirely seated in a chair so that you can practice yoga with stability in mind. 


My mat yoga sequences offer an accessible yoga practice entirely reclined. This means you can practice anywhere - the floor, a mat, a bed - you name it. 

The Letter

Community is at the heart of my yoga practice. An online yoga practice, however, requires some creative thinking in order to build that sense of community. I therefore created The Letter. Sign up below to receive my bi-weekly email that is centered around practicing yoga at home. Each newsletter has a free yoga class and is full of inspiration for starting (and sticking with) a home yoga practice. It's also full of other fun things to keep you inspired throughout the week. 

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